Formal Education Makes You a Living

Looking back in life, when you were five or six years old, your parents enrolled you in a public or a private school in your town. Whether you liked it or not, you had to attend school. You learned how to read, write, and study other subjects such as history. That was a vital stage of life. You had to get some form of education. Starting from kindergarten through high school, you learned the basic foundation in order to survive in this rapid changing world.

Every subject would equip you enough to make a living. It did not mean or guarantee you would have a better living. You would survive, but barely a decent living. The reason was at that level of education, you would not find a great job that would pay you a handsome wage. You were lucky enough if you found a job at McDonald’s where you got paid a minimum wage.

However, if you pushed yourself, worked hard, and got a higher education, you probably got a better job at a fancy company such as Microsoft. You might get a better pay than the previous job. Your lifestyle would improve quite a bit, but you did not have a great wealth–financial independent. You worked your butt off to make somebody rich. You might not have a big bank account or big fancy house or luxury car. Anyway, that formal education still made you a living.

You learned that going to school is a formal education that is the foundation for making a living, not a way to financial independent.